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Friday, July 29, 2011

Sweet & simple

Never underestimate the endless possibilities of burlap. I never knew how amazing burlap was until my wedding planner suggested I use it as table cloths. Now 3yrs later I use it wherever I can! Not only is it simple but it gives a very subtle beauty in addition to most d├ęcor. 
Beatnikmomma LOVES burlap

Links for cute ways to use burlap;
Burlap and vintage tablescapes

Cute burlap napkin ring


Monday, July 18, 2011

No more rack 1 day, 8 deals

NoMoreRack is the place to find your favorite brands & hot items for up to 90% off. One hand-picked product in each of the eight categories is added everyday! The deals go fast so check in early!

No more rack - Daily Deals!

Starbucks treat receipts are back!

July 18th thru September 5th when you purchase a drink at Starbucks in the morning you get a stamp on your receipt valid for a $2+tax grande cold drink (after 2pm).

For more info, click here.
Treat Receipts!

French toast kabobs?? Yes, please!

Trying to satisfy the palates of young children is often a challenge. Thanks to numerous cook books and Martha Stewart, I’ve gathered loads of useful tips on how to make meal time fun and satisfying for my ladies. Today for breakfast I made French toast Kabobs. A very flashy meal with little preparation and all ingredients I had on hand. The biggest compliment to me at meal time is knowing my kids are getting a well balanced diet AND they are also enjoying it!