About Me

New York, United States
Mommy,wife, homespun enthusiast and excessively mouthy.

About me

We all have our own ways of saving money, time and our sanity. As a Paralegal turned homemaker I’ve found that I spend all my “me time” perusing the internet, magazines and my local newspaper for better and cheaper ways of doing my new job- Searching things from decorating tips, craft ideas, meals and cheap thrills for the whole fam. 
After months (8 to be exact) of storing all my goodies and new secrets to success in a three ring binder and on my PC favorites list - I thought I should do what I harp on kids to do…Share.

I’ve decided to organize all my awesomeness and let you in on my tricks of the trade.

I hope you enjoy and get as much benefit from it as I have.